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Welcome to the new Chumby Store!

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This store sells new and used Chumby and Chumby-related products. Revenue from these sales will be used to support the Chumby service.

All of this inventory is left over from when Chumby Industries was in business, so when it's gone, it's gone.  However, not all of the items have been listed, so if a product says it's out of stock, please check back to see if we've replenished the inventory on the site.  Once an item's inventory has been completely exhausted, then we will remove the item from the store entirely.  You can use the RSS feeds to keep track of when certain types of products become available.

We also have added a "rare" category - there are several interesting one-off and rare devices and other items that we will be selling periodically - unusual color combinations, unreleased prototypes, and other random things.

The power supplies are a very limited product - please buy them if you have a broken one, not "just in case".  We'd appreciate if you send back any nonfunctional power supplies, so we can look into fixing them or using their parts. We are looking into sourcing new compatible power supplies, particularly for the chumby One.

The same goes for failed chumby devices - if you can, please send them to us so we can look into repairing and refurbishing them, or to make their working parts available for others to use to repair their devices.

If you're looking to simply donate, we've made some chumby stickers available at various prices so you can choose the level you wish to contributes, and even get something physical in return.

For more Chumby branded products, such as T-shirts, bags, and other items, please visit our other store at CafePress - The Chumby Store

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